The Natural Choice
for delicious dairy goodness
The Natural Choice
for delicious dairy goodness
The Natural Choice
for delicious dairy goodness
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With a reputation established nearly forty years ago, the Montic brand has been built on the belief that our customers and their families deserve the best quality milk and dairy products every day. Our modern dairy processing and manufacturing plant is based on an idyllic farm bordering the Suikerbosrand nature reserve. This picturesque setting is conveniently close to Gauteng’s major business centres – and only 35 kilometres from the heart of Johannesburg.


Dedicated to bringing our customers the best quality dairy products daily.


Delicious, nutritious and farm-fresh daily, Montic Fresh Milk offers consumers full cream milk in a variety of convenient pack sizes. Our milk is pasteurised, processed and packaged using state of the art equipment to ensure it arrives on our customers’ tables in perfect condition for enjoyment with cereals and all other everyday uses.


Maas has remained a classic staple for most South Africans for centuries and is delicious with porridge, cereal or crumbed bread. It has also entered the mainstream of probiotic foods, continuing to gain attention for its gut-healing, immune boosting properties. Montic Anamafuta Amasi is a traditional energy-rich maas available in 2 litre, 1 litre and 500ml pack sizes.


Luxuriously indulgent when used as a topping for deserts, cakes and all kinds of tasty treats, Montic Fresh Cream is ideal for whipping, spooning or pouring – and always adds that extra special touch to cooking and baking.


Montic Long Life Milk is wholesome, nutritious full cream milk, pasteurised using modern Ultra High Temperature (UHT) technology and packaged in our strictly controlled dairy production facilities. This process ensures a shelf life of up to nine months, providing customers with naturally healthy milk that can be stored in their cupboards for convenient everyday use.


Young, lighthearted and brimming with that famous carnival atmosphere, Montic Rio is a thirst quenching fruit nectar available in 1 litre and 6 X 1 litre brick type packaging. Rio comes in 3 fun flavours: Orange and Tropical, each containing 50% fruit juice, as well as Berry flavour which contains 40% fruit juice.


A combination of low fat milk and fruit juice, Montic Exotica is a great alternative to fruit juice, particularly for those who experience a burning throat sensation after drinking certain types of juice. Conveniently available in Orange, Tropical and Mango-Peach flavours in 500ml and 2 litre pack sizes.


Those who know the difference and appreciate the quality and value of spring water, will find Montic Spring Water refreshingly enjoyable. Significantly rich in calcium, Montic Spring Water is available in 5 litre as well as 500ml bottles.